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Design / CAD CAM

EDM Wire Eroding
Sodick VZ300 year 2013

Sodick AD35L CNC Auto tool changer year 2017
Sodick VMX42i Sodick fast hole burner year 2016
Sodick AD30L CNC, auto tool change year 2013
Hurco 425E 420 x 305
All machines set for SYSTEM 3R Tooling

CNC Milling
Hurco VMX42I year 2016
Hurco VM10I year 2015
Hurco VM 20 2012
Hurco VM 10 2011
XYZ SMX 2500 CNC Bed Mill year 2013
Bridgeport Interact 4
Bridgeport Interact 4
Bridgeport 2J2 DRO 
XYZ 1500 DRO 

Manual Milling
Europa Milltech 5000VS
Turret Milling Machine year 2018
Europa Milltech 2000VS
Turret Milling Machine year 2017
Bridgeport 2J2 DRO
XYZ 1500 DRO

Colchester Student 3100 DRO 
Colchester Triumph 2000, Long Bed, Copying Facility DRO
XYZ 1400 DRO

Perfect PFG DL3060AH Surface grinder year 2017
Jones and shipman 540X 18” x 6”
Jones & Shipman 540P 18’’ x 6’’ DRO 
Jones & Shipman 540P 18” x 6” DRO
Myford Universal Cylindrical, Internal and External DRO
Jones & Shipman Cylindrical Internal and external DRO
Grindall Fixture

Demag Ergotech-1100/470–430 110 Tonnes clamp, Bar size 470 x 470 Shot size 250g
Arburg 420c-1000–250 100 Tonnes clamp, Bar size 420 x 420 Shot size 121g
Arburg 250-75–220 25 Tonnes clamp, Bar size 220 x 346 Shot size 40g
Arburg 220-75–250 25 Tonnes clamp, Bar size 220 x 346 Shot size 40g
Arburg 320-210–750 75 Tonnes clamp, Bar size 320 x 480 Shot size 40g
Arburg 320-210–500 50 Tonnes clamp, Bar size 320 x 480 Shot size 180g

Inspection Facilities
Mitutoyo Microscopes
Shadow Graph
Carbide Slips
Height Gauges 
Various Micrometers and Verniers 
Granite Surface plates 
Various ground Blocks & Gauges
All equipment calibrated

Lifting Equipment
2 Tonne Gantry
2 Tonne Fork Lift
1 Tonne electric fork lift

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